Deep tissue massage like Sports massage involves the manipulation of muscles and soft tissue to prevent and treat soft tissue injuries and muscle imbalance. Treatment is also similar and incorporates advanced stretching techniques, deep frictions, neuromuscular and muscle energy techniques to remove adhesions, scar tissue and realign muscle fibres.


This type of massage is suitable for anyone whether injured or not.  General stiffness and discomfort can be greatly eased by deep tissue massage.

Treatment differs from regular “salon” massage because of the depth of the treatment.  Salon massages tend to be very much lighter and are used to help a person relax.  Deep tissue massage is less relaxing but gives far greater muscle benefit.  Deep tissue massage is sometimes known as Remedial massage.

Regular deep tissue massage is often favoured by those in heavy or stressful jobs who find that the nature of their employment gives significant muscle pain.

Deep Tissue Massage